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- i dragged that horse to water - you know he wouldn’t drink - i shot him in the shallows before i had the time to think - now i’m out here on foot - still gotta cross the great divide - i’m feeling awful lonesome, wishing i still had a horse to ride - come on, now - my daddy always told me not to play around with matches - got me ahold of a flame thrower, how that fire catches - wouldn’t you know it me and daddy and mama didn’t have nowhere left to live - i was quick to remind daddy though jesus preached we all should just forgive forgive forgive - they took me to the river to get my spirit clean - wouldn’t you know it buddy like nothing you’d ever seen, that river spit me out and threw my bare ass right there up against the shore - i swear it started raining blood and the thunder start to roar - preached screamed that boy got the devil in him lets burn him at the stake - mama jumped in front of me and told them all to wait she said my baby got the devil in him, oh, he got the devil in him too - she said my baby never hurt a fly but look what y’all was about to do - mama said now - I dragged that horse to water that bastard wouldn’t drink so i shot him in the shallows before i had the time to think now i’m out here on foot still gotta cross the great divide feeling awful lonesome wishing i still had that horse to ride - now that i’m a grown man not as young as i once were - reckon in my growing that i found myself a cure - settle down take your time and try not to get caught up in all that haste, but i reckon if it ever came to blows i’d still lay some fool to waste -


from Labor Against Waste, released June 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Christopher Paul Stelling New York

CPS is a songwriter based in NYC.
Having building a reputation as a formidable and passionate performer, his debut album, Songs of Praise and Scorn saw its release on 2/21/12 to much acclaim.
Christopher played well over 150 shows in 2012, and continued touring through the beginning of 2013. After an upcoming european tour, his followup record False Cities will be release May 21st 2013.
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